This action will deal with the evaluation, characterisation and documentation of genetic resources. It will focus on traits relevant for the quality of oats in human consumption and on cold tolerance, which is important for oat in several regions in Europe. The traits to be evaluated are of high importance for the breeding of cultivars needed for production of premium quality oat products to meet an increasing demand for healthy food in the European societies and for the competitiveness of oats as a crop in European agriculture. The distribution of high quality traits in the European genetic resources collections of the genus Avena and their intercorrelations will be described regarding biological status, species, and geographic origin. Highly valuable material will be identified regarding:

  • Contents of protein, fat, minerals, dietary fibre (especially -glucan), antioxidants and phenolic compounds,
  • Resistance to Fusarium infection and mycotoxin contamination,
  • Cold tolerance.

All results will be documented in the European Avena database and will be made available to the public by an Avena genetic resources web portal.